DocBook ant task <dbk>


Ant4docbook is an ant task for processing docbook xml documents.
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see :

Ant4docbook transforms docbook files into other formats using :

Ant4docbook preprocess docbook files using freemarker engine to add variables and conditions on docbook files.
see : Templating with freemarker

DocBook processing with ant ant4docbook let you writing ant script to process docbook files


By default, all files are processed as UTF-8.

DocBook task properties

DocBook task have parameters and inner elements to define behavior. Nevertheless, some global properties are useful to set some specific points.
Property Description Value Required
ant4docbook. keepTempFiles keep temp files (for debugging) <property name="ant4docbook. keepTempFiles" value="true|false*"/> no
ant4docbook.dtd. validating use dtd validator <property name="ant4docbook.dtd. validating" value="true|false*"/> no
ant4docbook.fop external fo processor /path/to/fo/processor no