DocBook to docx

FUTURE RELEASE (experimental)


Existing docx stylesheets DocBook XSL stylesheets seems to be limited.
The idea is to process docbook to docx within ant script, using a custom processor based on docx4java.

The beginning of the development is commited on the sourceforge repository. See dev/src/java/net/sourceforge/ant4docbook/processors/ Some efforts are needed to continue the development and contributions are welcome.

DocBook to docx processing ant4docbook let you writing ant script to process docbook
                      to docx

Docx task parameters

Attribute Description Value Required
file docbook file yes
tofile output file <file name>.docx yes
Element Description Value Required
parameter template wordml <parameter name="wordml.template" value="path:to/docbook-xsl/roundtrip/template.xml"/> no


<project name="docbook-ant-task-to-docx" default="docbook-to-docx"> 

  <taskdef name="dbk" 

  <target name="docbook-to-docx"> 
    <dbk file="docbook.xml" tofile="generated-docx-file.docx" />