DocBook to html


Process docbook to html within ant script, using DocBook XSL stylesheets .

DocBook to html processing ant4docbook let you writing ant script to process docbook
                      to html

Html task parameters

Attribute Description Value Required
file docbook file yes
tofile output file <file name>.html yes
stylesheet custom stylesheet <my-stylesheet>.xsl no
css custom css <my-css>.css no
parameters output parameters no
Element Description Value Required
parameter output parameters no


<project name="docbook-ant-task-to-html" default="docbook-to-html"> 

  <taskdef name="dbk" 

  <target name="docbook-to-html"> 
    <dbk file="docbook.xml" tofile="generated-html-file.html" />
  <target name="docbook-to-html-with-many-parameters"> 
    <dbk file="docbook.xml" tofile="generated-html-file.html" 
      parameters="" /> 
  <target name="docbook-to-html-with-some-parameters"> 
    <dbk file="docbook.xml" tofile="generated-html-file.html">
    <parameter name="section.autolabel" value="1" />
    <parameter name="toc.section.depth" value="3" />