DocBook to rtf

RTF output is currently unmaintained and lacks many features compared to other output formats.
see: Apache FOP Output Formats


Process docbook to rtf within ant script, using DocBook XSL stylesheets and XSL Formatting Objects .

DocBook to rtf processing ant4docbook let you writing ant script to process docbook
                      to rtf

By default, ant4docbook embed apache fop to process rtf files.
You may use your favorite fo processor as an external tool by setting ant4docbook.fop property. For example :

<project name="docbook-ant-task-to-rtf"> 
<property name="ant4docbook.fop" value="/path/to/apache-fop/fop" />

Rtf task parameters

Attribute Description Value Required
file docbook file yes
tofile output file <file name>.rtf yes
parameters output parameters no


<project name="docbook-ant-task-to-rtf" default="docbook-to-rtf"> 

  <taskdef name="dbk" 

  <target name="docbook-to-rtf"> 
    <dbk file="docbook.xml" tofile="generated-rtf-file.rtf" />